Factors Of 12

math help for finding factors.


What are the factors of 12

The factors of the number 12 are any numbers that divide into it exactly. This includes 1 and 12.
The total factors for 12 are:

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12

What are factors of 12 used for?

Factoring is not an easy concept to attribute to real world scenarios. It's more of a concept that helps you to understand other mathematical concepts that are applicable to the real world.

Think about the basic things you learned as a child. There are all kinds of toys and games that are educational that don't apply to the real world, but may influence your brain to think a certain way. Maybe playing with a slinky helped you with understanding a small mechanical aspect and helps you to develop a hypothesis on how it will react in different scenarios. Like how a car works and how to predict what other drivers may do. Or, maybe playing with a game like Connect 4 helps you to understand simple strategy and how to anticipate how scenarios may play out. On a more adult level, the same could be said for how business strategies take place and how to anticipate the moves of your competitors.

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